Welcome to Transmag

Transmag (UK) Limited based in Birmingham are a leading global company designing and manufacturing Measurement, Instrumentation and Protection Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers and Neutral Earth Transformers at the forefront of technology.

Suppliers to The National Grid, UK and International DNO's and major switchgear OEM's for new electrical network and distribution equipment, yet able to manufacture replacement Voltage Transformers, Current Transformers and Neutral Earth Transformers, (Oil and Cast Resin) for refurbish and rebuild equipment, utilising new materials and processes to ensure a 20 year+ life expectancy.

Quality of build and stringently tested characteristics and performances are paramount as our customers and proud history continues to prove time and time again.

Transmag Products

Transmag, is the leading manufacturer of cast resin Voltage and Current transformers in the UK. Our products and services include:

  • External / Internal Product Ranges
  • Voltage Transformers
  • Current Transformers
  • Neutral Earth Transformers
  • Metering Panels
  • Termination Panels
  • Bespoke Design and 3D CAD
  • Specialist in Re-Design, (E.g. Overcoming Historical Issues/Problems)
  • Oil Immersed
  • Cast Resin
  • Specialist Epoxy
  • V.P.I.
  • Specialist Electrical Functional and Insulation Testing
  • R&D Programmes
  • Site Surveys
  • Familiarisation Product Training

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