Unique Skills and Processes

Transmag (UK) Ltd is a very versatile company with a long standing in the electrical plant industry. Virtually any electro-magnetic application can be manufactured to your bespoke specification. No matter the size, shape, specification, working environvent or class of insulation we will find a solution if so desired.

Although our core business is the supply of instrument transformers to switchgear companies and powerplants around the globe. We have also manufactured solutions for applications as diverse as marine wind generators, spectrum analysers and hi-tech medical scanners, as well and many others. Please read on and see if any of our processes apply to your project.

Coil WindingCoil Winding

With 6 high speed winding machines available we can wind coils up to a length of 300mm and a diameter of 250mm depending on wire size and insulation requirements. Our machines can handle wire sizes from 0.14mm to12mm.

In addition we have 2 Low Voltage coil winding machines available.

Toroidal Winding

We have 4 toroidal winding machines which we use to produce a range of bespoke ring type current transformers up to a core diameter of 900mm to order.

Special Windings

With our in house capabilities we are able to produce a range of specialised windings ranging from field oils to shim tubes for medical scanners and stator windings for high speed motors. We are happy to work with our customers on such specialist applications in order to produce solutions to their problems.

A more recent addition to our special windings skills is a range of magnet coils. The large winding machines can wind up to 1.75 tonnes of wire per coil.

Transmag Manufacturing ProcessesAssembly and Fitting

Our capabilities enable us to offer assembly and fitting to meet customers’ requirements. We are able to fit a wide range of metering units, voltage transformers in oil filled tanks, tube mounted current transformer arrays, current transformers in aluminium and ABS housings, pole mounted assemblies etc.

Resin Casting

The standard material used in our resin casting process is rigid polyurethane and the majority of our resin cast units employ this. We can also offer epoxy resin for this purpose when specified by our customers.

The casting process can include VPI, vacuum chambers, and an autoclave facility.

A cold cure polyurethane resin is also used for specialised uses such as current transformers in ABS boxes.

Refurbishment Work

We are able to offer a service to our customers which enables them to refurbish old or obsolete switchgear from a number of manufacturers including AEI, YSF6, SWS, and J & P. If you are interested in refurbishing these or any other obsolete switchgear please get in touch.

Transmag Testing ServicesTesting

Transmag test cage (click to enlarge)Our test facility is one of the largest and best equipped of its type in the UK. All test equipment used is calibrated against standards traceable back to National Standards. Full records of this process are maintained in accordance with the requirements of our Quality Assurance Standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

All transformers manufactured by Transmag (UK) Limited are fully tested against the appropriate national or international standards specified by the customer.

We can also use our test facility to carry out electrical testing on behalf of our customers.

If any of our processes or facilities is of interest to potential customers please contact us.