Metering Units (Outdoor Dry Type 11KV)

Outdoor, 11 KV 3-phase dry type Metering units for use with S.F.6 Ring Main equipment

Metering Units

type TMMU1 -outdoor dry type, free standing 11 KV, for use with dry type ring main equipment.

The unit fully complies with EATS 41.26 specification. As well as offering standard bushing centres and heights for connection -standard current and voltage ratios up to 630Amps and 11 KV, it can also be offered either double and triple ratio Current Transformers, and dual ratio and 5-limb Voltage Transformer arrangements - together with the option of HV fuses, and is fully tested for 95KVP impulse and an STC rating of 16KA for 3 secs.

The TMMU1 bolts directly onto the tee-off flange of a ring-main unit, and either a cable box or power transformer can be connected to the outgoing flange of the TMMU1.


Outdoor, 11 and 33KV 3-phase, oil filled, pole mounted Metering units

Metering Units

type TMOMU-12 and TMOMU-36 outdoor, low oil volume, pole mounted, for system voltages of 12KV and 36KV. The units comply with the relevant clauses of BS7625 and BS7626 specifications enabling the same unit to be used for metering instrumentations and protection systems.

The units can either have 3-limb or 5-limb Voltage Transformer arrangements, and come complete with HV fuses, LV terminal/ fuse box, prismatic oil level gauge, earthing terminal oil drain plug and four lifting lugs.