Neutral Earthing Transformers (Outdoor/Indoor up to 36KV)

Neutral Earthing Transformers

Cast Resin

Neutral Earthing Transformers -A standard range of single phase transformers is available for voltages between 3.3KV and 36KV, with continuous ratings of up to 200KVA, and short-time ratings of up to 1600KVA. Units are of cast resin construction, and can be of single or two coil design, dependant on the KVA rating required. They are suitable for earthing the neutral point of a generator in conjunction with a loading resistor.

Our smaller N/E matching transformers, have resin encapsulated LV windings, surrounded by vacuum cast epoxy resin HV windings, with integral HV bushing connections.

Our larger units have vacuum cast epoxy resin LV and HV windings with integral HV bushing connections.

All transformers are designed for Class 'F' insulation and are manufactured and tested in accordance with BS171 and IEC76.

Units can be supplied as complete cubicles containing matching transformers, loading resistors, Current Transformers/Voltage Transformers and anti-condensation heaters, for use as main generator neutral earthing, as required.