Voltage Transformers (Indoor Type)

3.3 and 6.6KV single phase, Cast resin Voltage Transformers for motor control/contactor applications

Cast Resin

(ABS cased) type single phase Voltage Transformers, suitable for contactor use and motor control applications, at voltages of 3.3KV, 6.6KV and 11 KV with ratings of 200VA -Class 3, 100VA -Class 1 and 50VA- Class 0.5.


Indoor, single and 3-phase Cast resin Voltage Transformers up to 15KV

Cast Resin

types TMVTR (1) and TMVTR (3), single phase and 3 phase 3-limb and 5-limb Voltage Transformers for voltage up to 15KV and for indoor application, for measurement and protection in switchgear panels, metering units etc. Having standard primary voltages of 3.3KV, 6.6KV, 11 KV, 13.8KVand 15KV to 110 volt secondaries. Two or three secondaries can be supplied if required, and various voltage ratios can be supplied to suit customer requirements.

HV (HRC) fuses are mounted inside the insulated terminal spouts and units can be supplied in a withdrawable or hinged type sheet steel enclosure complete with all secondary wiring contacts and fuses etc if required.

All units are designed to meet current requirements of BS7625 and IEC186 plus Australian, American and Canadian standards, and each unit is supplied with routine test certification.


Indoor, single and 3-phase oil Voltage Transformers up to 66KV

Oil Type

Open style types TMVTO (1) and TMVTO (3) single phase and 3-phase, 3-limb and 5-1imb Voltage Transformers, for voltages up to 33KV and available as just core and coils with HV and LV leads brought out as flexible connections, or complete in steel tanks, with the relevant bushing or terminal connections etc supplied.


Voltage Transformers (Outdoor Type)

Outdoor, 33KV -single and 3-phase, floor and pole mounted oil filled, Voltage Transformers

Oil Insulated

type pole or ground mounted outdoor single phase, and 3-phase, 3-limb and 5-limb Voltage Transformers for system voltages of up to 36KV line to line, or line to ground applications available with star/star or star/star/open delta connection.
Units are supplied with HV fuses, prismatic oil level gauge, oil drain plug, earthing terminal and four lifting lugs. There is an option of unit mounted or separately mounted secondary terminal/fuse box at ground level.


Outdoor, single and 3-phase oil and dry typ Voltage Transformers for neutral displacement application at 11 and 33KV

Cast Resin

dry type outdoor, 3-phase NDVT for neutral displacement applications at 11KV. Units are supplied in IP54 rated metal enclosures and are 5-limb arrangements, connected star/star/open delta - tertiary winding and come complete with HV fuses, LV terminal box with fuse/links and connections, plus an HV air filled cable box.

Oil Insulated

outdoor, single phase NDVT for neutral displacement applications at 33KV. Units are single phase - neutral to ground Voltage Transformers {19053/63.5 Volts) with an insulation level of 24/50KV, but fitted with a 33KV rated HV bushing connection.

The unit is normally flange connected to the main transformer between the neutral & earth. It comes complete with secondary fuse/connection box, oil level gauge, silica-gel breather and two lifting lugs.


Outdoor, 11KV single phase, oil filled, pole mounted Voltage Transformers for use with Auto Reclosers.

Oil Insulated

outdoor, pole mounted, single phase auxiliary Voltage Transformers at 11KV. Developed specifically for use with pole mounted auto-reclosers, in circuit applications such as low voltage supplies to remote telemetry equipment.

Secondary fuses can be mounted in the side mounted terminal box if required, and it comes complete with drain plug, earth connection and central lifting lug.