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Transmag (UK) Limited - Metering Units

type TMMU1 - outdoor dry type, free standing 11 KV, for use with dry type ring main equipment.

The unit fully complies with EATS 41.26 specification. As well as offering standard bushing centres and heights for connection -standard current and voltage ratios up to 630Amps and 11 KV, it can also be offered either double and triple ratio Current Transformers, and dual ratio and 5-limb Voltage Transformer arrangements - together with the option of HV fuses, and is fully tested for 95KVP impulse and an STC rating of 16KA for 3 secs.

The TMMU1 bolts directly onto the tee-off flange of a ring-main unit, and either a cable box or power transformer can be connected to the outgoing flange of the TMMU1.


Transmag (UK) Limited - Interposing VT

Dry Type Interposing VT

Dry type open style single and 3 phase, 3 limb low voltage (LV) interposing voltage transformers for voltages up to 660 volts at 50/60Hz. The range is mainly for use in control panel and LV switchboard applications where LV metering is required.

VAs from 5VA - 400VA and accuracy classes from 3.0 down to 0.5 with single and double secondary options are available at typical system voltages of 63.5V, 100V, 110V, and 240V.

All units are manufactured to BS7625/BS EN 60044-2 but alternative standards can be catered for if required. Every unit comes supplied with a routine test certificate.

Where required units can be supplied complete with secondary fuses or MCBs


Transmag (UK) Limited - Indoor HV CT

Indoor HV CT Arrays

Indoor type High Voltage primary tube insulated current transformer arrays. These are suitable for system voltages up to 15KV, and for applications where primary insulation is required for mounting current transformers over uninsulated heavy current copper busbars.

Typical application is for generator line and neutral control cubicles where high ratio current transformers are needed for duties such as differential protection, metering, and AVR sensing.

Current transformer ratios of 1000 5A (or 1A) up to 10000:5A (or1A) can be supplied with VA ratings up to 30VA.

Space for up to 4 current transformer cores per assembly is available and the assemblies are suitable for either vertical or horizontal mounting within the cubicle or enclosure.

The current transformers are normally supplied to BS EN 60044-1 standard, but can be supplied to meet American, Canadian or Australian or other customer specified standards as needed. Routine tests are carried out on every unit and test certificates issued.


Transmag (UK) Limited - Cast Resin VT

Cast Resin Voltage Transformer Type TMVTSUF

3 phase, 3 & 5 limb voltage transformers (voltages up to 15KV) for indoor applications in measuring and protection duties in Medium Voltage Switchgear and Metering Panel/Units etc. Standard primary voltages are 3.3KV, 4.16KV, 6.6KV, 11KV, 13.8KV and 15KV to 110V secondaries. However various voltage ratios can be supplied as required to suit individual customer needs.

Two or three secondary windings can be supplied as necessary and the units can include an open-delta tertiary winding for neutral displacement purposes on the 5 limb unit.

The units are normally supplied without HV (HRC) fuses as standard but fuses can be supplied separately, or in an added integral fuse spout arrangement if needed for switchboard applications where the voltage transformer is to be mounted in withdrawable or hinged type enclosures.

All units are designed to comply with the current British and European Standard for voltage transformers BS EN 60044-2, plus the American, Canadian and Australian standards. Every unit supplied by Transmag (UK) Ltd. is fully tested to the relevant standard and each comes supplied with the appropriate test certification.

For further information on units to meet your particular requirements please contact us.